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Reentry Effort for Drug Offenders a Start, But Short Funds

Following below is a republication in entirety of a timely editorial that appeared in the March 19, 2012 issue of one of South Florida’s major newspapers, the Sun Sentinel. The editorial clearly portrays that progress aimed at reducing Florida’s ex-inmate recidivism is underway, but because of budget cuts not yet a slam dunk.-ED Prison Reentry […]

Multinational Drug Court Report Shows Cuts in Recidivism

Multinational Drug Court Report Shows Cuts in Recidivism

A recently released report prepared by American University, in conjunction with the Inter-American Drug Abuse Commission (CICAD), for the OAS’s April 21-23, 2010 Drug Summit in Lugo, Spain provides proof positive that activities by “drug courts” (DTC’s) in multiple countries effectively and dramatically appear to be reducing offender recidivism rates, while providing significant financial incentives […]

Recidivism Cure: Change Inmates’ Hearts, Inside Out

Recidivism Cure: Change Inmates’ Hearts, Inside Out

by Bill Glass Founder, Champions for Life Best known in the sports world as a former four-time All-Pro football player with the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, Bill Glass has continued to gain worldwide recognition over the decades as Founder and leader of the Champions for Life prison ministry. He is author of 11 books, including “Crime: […]

Parole Reform: It’s Here, But Will It Reduce Recidivism?

Prison reform advocates have long argued that national, state and local parole and probation systems share a significant role in producing high recidivism rates. Apparently, the legislators in one state that has the most acclaimed prison overcrowding problem have finally agreed with this premise, and done something about it. According to a recent story by […]

1 in 11 Inmates Are Serving Life Sentences

1 in 11 Inmates Are Serving Life Sentences

The Sentencing Project, a national non-profit organization engaged in research and advocacy on criminal justice policy issues, has issued a 48-page, detailed report titled: No Exit/The Expanding Use of Life Sentences in America. Following are three selected key excerpts from this document, which was written by Ashley Nellis and Ryan S. King (July 2009). The […]

“Doing Time”    by Jack (Murf the Surf) Murphy

“Doing Time” by Jack (Murf the Surf) Murphy

Jack (Murf the Surf) Murphy reveals his personal straight-talk insight of incarceration issues.

Prison vs. Work

From the interesting blogging website, Bits and Pieces, 6/17/2009 Spending months or years in a prison environment is a serious, if not tragic circumstance. Much of the mission of The-SLAMMER is aimed at improving the lot of everyone spending time behind prison walls through exploration of reform, rehabilitation and recidivism issues. But perhaps a little […]

Budget Fiasco Means Higher Recidivism

Editors note: Just A Guy is an inmate in a California state prison. Following is an excerpt from his recent comments in the San Fransisco Bay Guardian Online “Politics” Blog . By Just A Guy The tides have turned and the language is changing as politicos try to salvage their political futures via a different […]

SLAMMER Mission Statement

To be the online forum where all individuals, advocacy organizations and political entities actively involved or impacted in the corrections systems can meet to air their opinions, concerns, ideas, and recommendations aimed at system reform, such as improved rehabilitation and reentry programs for inmates, all directed to reduce recidivism rates while also optimizing staff work environments, and at minimized cost to taxpayers. Input from related law enforcement and judicial entities, inmates and inmate families, as well as the general public are to be encouraged.

To keep participants abreast of all local, regional and national news and commentary potentially impacting or relating to corrections.

To provide helpful contact information for all in-system entities and for the general public.