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Recidivism Cure: Change Inmates’ Hearts, Inside Out

Recidivism Cure: Change Inmates’ Hearts, Inside Out

by Bill Glass Founder, Champions for Life Best known in the sports world as a former four-time All-Pro football player with the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, Bill Glass has continued to gain worldwide recognition over the decades as Founder and leader of the Champions for Life prison ministry. He is author of 11 books, including “Crime: […]

Addressing Drug Addiction among Offenders

Addressing Drug Addiction among Offenders

by Diana DiNitto Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Texas On November 19, 2009, Professor DiNitto had the opportunity to testify before a hearing of the United States Sentencing Commission, marking the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984. She highlights her major points from that appearance in the following commentary.- […]

Wrongful Convictions Could Cost State Big Bucks

In the past week, two news items dealing with wrongful convictions came to light. One was for a Utah man freed after spending 4 ½ years in prison for a robbery; the other for a New York man released after serving 17 years for a murder he didn’t commit. In the former case, charges were […]

Transitional Programs Help Vets in Prison

The following article, a republication with permission from a local hometown Illinois newspaper, illustrates what can be done at local levels, with state support, to help reduce recidivism. Though local in nature, and specific to reentry programs for a special group of inmates, U.S. military veterans, it proves that it’s possible to slash prison return […]

Chopping Recidivism: Get Out and Stay Out – Part 2

On August 25th, 2009, The-Slammer.org published Part 1 of a commentary by Mark Goldsmith, winner of a $100,000 Purpose Prize for his work to reduce the recidivism rate for young offenders serving time on Rikers Island, New York City’s largest corrections facility. Following is Part 2 of his commentary. – ED By Mark Goldsmith Following […]

1 in 11 Inmates Are Serving Life Sentences

1 in 11 Inmates Are Serving Life Sentences

The Sentencing Project, a national non-profit organization engaged in research and advocacy on criminal justice policy issues, has issued a 48-page, detailed report titled: No Exit/The Expanding Use of Life Sentences in America. Following are three selected key excerpts from this document, which was written by Ashley Nellis and Ryan S. King (July 2009). The […]

“Doing Time”    by Jack (Murf the Surf) Murphy

“Doing Time” by Jack (Murf the Surf) Murphy

Jack (Murf the Surf) Murphy reveals his personal straight-talk insight of incarceration issues.

Release Geriatric Prisoners to Save Money?

From change.org 6/17/2009, The Aging Prison Population While some proponents of prison-budget trimming have recently suggested early release of long-incarcerated inmates that have only one year remaining in their sentence, other lawmakers are looking at a cost-cutting approach attained through the early release of elderly inmates. According to a blog article “The Aging Prison Population” […]

Budget Fiasco Means Higher Recidivism

Editors note: Just A Guy is an inmate in a California state prison. Following is an excerpt from his recent comments in the San Fransisco Bay Guardian Online “Politics” Blog . By Just A Guy The tides have turned and the language is changing as politicos try to salvage their political futures via a different […]