Take a walk from the reception area of almost any prison or jail facility in the country to any cell block or other detention area, and you’ll have to pass through a series of heavy spring-loaded steel or barred doors designed for security. As you pass through each door, it shuts behind you with a resounding metallic SLAM. The sound is unforgettable, and lets you know you’ve been separated from freedom, and have entered a different somewhat-oppressive world, the “slammer.” It’s a world where shouting, bravado and anger flare every day, and fear, despondency and tears reign silently in darkened cells each night. Its role is to protect society, to discipline the guilty and to rehabilitate amenable offenders.

The-SLAMMER is dedicated to all the people that spend time behind those doors in that other world — the inmates, the corrections officers, other law officers, administrative staffs, chaplains, medical personnel, visiting attorneys and civilian volunteers. Any of these persons are invited to offer their guest commentary or stories to this site, or to comment on the same by other posted contributors. This is your forum to air the pros and cons, the merits and deficiencies, and the successes or failures of the corrections systems.

We also hope that all persons that are trying to understand and improve the issues that lead to incarceration or reintroduction to society, or those trying to reform the correctional systems, as well as those who allocate funding for the penal systems will also feel free to offer guest commentary or comments to this site. And, of course, the general public that bears the tax burdens of our correctional systems are likewise invited to participate.

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