Release Geriatric Prisoners to Save Money?

From 6/17/2009, The Aging Prison Population

While some proponents of prison-budget trimming have recently suggested early release of long-incarcerated inmates that have only one year remaining in their sentence, other lawmakers are looking at a cost-cutting approach attained through the early release of elderly inmates.

According to a blog article “The Aging Prison Population” by Alex Davidson, posted on 6/17/2009, “it costs $70,000 per year to house older prisoners, two-to-three times more than that of younger prisoners. California in 2006 had 5% of its inmate population over the age of 55 but that population accounted for 22% of the off-site hospital admission costs the state saw that year. This situation will only worsen in the years to come.”

Early release of geriatric prisoners, with their attendent chronic illnesses and disabilities, could also alleviate overcrowding in many prisons. For the full story, go to .

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