Budget Fiasco Means Higher Recidivism

Editors note: Just A Guy is an inmate in a California state prison. Following is an excerpt from his recent comments in the San Fransisco Bay Guardian Online “Politics” Blog .

By Just A Guy
The tides have turned and the language is changing as politicos try to salvage their political futures via a different spin on the old tune.
As the State of California budget fiasco lays the foundation for massive cuts in spending the results will be: early releases (eventually) for prisoners and even LESS rehabilitation, NO welfare, LESS education spending, and less aid in general. The long term result, unarguably, will be MORE people in prison and HIGHER recidivism!!!
Before I begin ranting about the above let me be very clear about something: I DO NOT believe in big government and the “dole”. What I have been through in my life has convinced me that individual success or failure is the responsibility of the individual NOT the government (I have been in prison, been released, and become very successful in the eyes of society and then came back because of my past rather than my “crime”). Government is there as a framework for order and is a necessary entity, but government should not be there as a crutch for lazy people, which it has definitely become (in my opinion).
What I envision is California releasing a bunch of people that have been ill-prepared by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) for re-entry because they never entered any of the non-existent programs CDCR claims are available (a good portion of these people should never have been incarcerated in the first place). In conjunction with these releases, welfare will be cut drastically or eradicated, Cal Grant programs disbanded so lower income and disadvantaged people now have no way to pay for college, education spending will be cut and class sizes increased, and healthcare spending reduced to less than minimal standards, not to mention myriad other program cuts.
What will the result of this be? Again, obviously more crime and higher recidivism!
The people no longer receiving welfare, in many cases, will resort to crime in order to get money to support families. The college kids, having no way to pay for school, will inundate the lower wage workforce and take all the fast food jobs and resort to crime. The school kids won’t have any discipline at home because both parents are working two jobs to support them and there are no more after-school programs and with no supervision a lot will become criminals or addicts. The mentally ill will be kicked to the streets/abandoned and resort to crime. And finally a bunch of us will be released from prison and unable to acquire jobs because the welfare people (who now want to work) and ex-college kids have taken all the jobs most of us ex-inmates were able to get!

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