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Wrongful Convictions Could Cost State Big Bucks

In the past week, two news items dealing with wrongful convictions came to light. One was for a Utah man freed after spending 4 ½ years in prison for a robbery; the other for a New York man released after serving 17 years for a murder he didn’t commit. In the former case, charges were […]

Transitional Programs Help Vets in Prison

The following article, a republication with permission from a local hometown Illinois newspaper, illustrates what can be done at local levels, with state support, to help reduce recidivism. Though local in nature, and specific to reentry programs for a special group of inmates, U.S. military veterans, it proves that it’s possible to slash prison return […]

Felons’ Choice: Jail or Home Free With No Record

While there’s a plethora of state, county and city reentry programs aimed at cutting recidivism rates, there’s one created by the District Attorney for San Francisco that truly takes the cake for toughness, as well as effectiveness. Called “Back On Track,” this program is designed for nonviolent first-time drug offenders only. Not all nonviolent first-time […]