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Chopping Recidivism: Get Out and Stay Out – Part 1

A major national philanthropic award program, named the Purpose Prize, each year awards five $100,000 prizes to individuals over the age of 60 who have demonstrated uncommon vision, determination and entrepreneurialism in addressing community and national problems. In 2008, Mark Goldsmith won one of these prizes for his efforts “cutting recidivism rates through comprehensive reentry […]

Some Actions Underway to Reduce Recidivism; Not Enough

There’s an old retort that’s sometimes used to quiet a noisy heckler: “Sir, you have a magnificent grasp of the obvious.” Unfortunately, it seems that only a few of our politicians or other governmental officials do “grasp the obvious” when it comes to initiating ways to reduce recidivism. Defined as “an ex-inmate’s return to prison […]

California Not Soon Likely to Free 40,000; Maybe 27,000

California Not Soon Likely to Free 40,000; Maybe 27,000

Despite all the hype over a federal judicial panel ruling ordering the State of California to come up with a plan to release over 40,000 inmates to slash prisons overcrowding, it’s unlikely to happen very fast, if at all. First of all, the state’s lawyers are mulling whether or not the court’s ruling to come […]

Follow-Up: Senate Panel Approves Cell Phone Jamming

Background: See The-Slammer article “Two Sides to Prison Cell Phone Jamming.” Under a bill just approved by The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, states could seek permission to jam cell phones in prisons. The bipartisan bill will now move to the full Senate for consideration. The bill, sponsored by Kay Gailey Hutchison (R-TX) and […]

Equal Prison Time: Crack Cocaine vs. Powder

From The Defenders Online, July 27, 2009 A subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee has approved legislation eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing for possessing small amounts of crack cocaine. Expectations are that the equivalent Senate subcommittee will also approve a similar bill. Result: Possible elimination of the disparate conviction rate for black offenders vs. white users. […]