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Government Takes Aim at Prison Rape

Government Takes Aim at Prison Rape

photo by ecpark From an NPREC press release dated June 23, 2009. Calling sexual abuse of people in government custody “totally incompatible with American values,” the bipartisan federal National Prison Rape Elimination Commission issued a landmark report dated 6/23/09 on sexual abuse in U.S. correctional and detention facilities, and proposed the first comprehensive blueprint to […]

Former NFL Coach’s Book Focuses on Male Role Models

Tony Dungy’s new book Uncommon reveals lessons on achieving significance that the coach has learned from his remarkable parents, his athletic and coaching career, his mentors, and his journey with God. A particular focus of the book: what it means to be a man of significance in a culture that is offering young men few positive role models.

State Considers Cutting Re-Entry Program

From the blog Connecticut’s Governor Rell has proposed eliminating the successful “Stride” re-enty program aimed at saving the state $600,000 over the next two years in order to grapple with an $8 billion deficit. But ex-offenders, lawmakers and advocates are urging caution, noting that state legislature hearings on the criminal justice system revealed that […]

Prison vs. Work

From the interesting blogging website, Bits and Pieces, 6/17/2009 Spending months or years in a prison environment is a serious, if not tragic circumstance. Much of the mission of The-SLAMMER is aimed at improving the lot of everyone spending time behind prison walls through exploration of reform, rehabilitation and recidivism issues. But perhaps a little […]

Release Geriatric Prisoners to Save Money?

From 6/17/2009, The Aging Prison Population While some proponents of prison-budget trimming have recently suggested early release of long-incarcerated inmates that have only one year remaining in their sentence, other lawmakers are looking at a cost-cutting approach attained through the early release of elderly inmates. According to a blog article “The Aging Prison Population” […]

Budget Fiasco Means Higher Recidivism

Editors note: Just A Guy is an inmate in a California state prison. Following is an excerpt from his recent comments in the San Fransisco Bay Guardian Online “Politics” Blog . By Just A Guy The tides have turned and the language is changing as politicos try to salvage their political futures via a different […]

Prison Guards Earning Big Time, Thanks to Overtime Pay

According to an AP story in the Chicago Tribune, some correctional officers are being forced to work so much overtime that they are earning almost as much as the Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

A New Kind of Prison: Silence

A design that “replaces violence with silence; inhumanity with community.”

The-SLAMMER Site Terms and Conditions

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SLAMMER Mission Statement

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